Сполер!!!!!!!!!!! я лежу в обмороке!!!!!:horror::buh:

GAY BAR! Yes, Karofsky is at the gay bar. Sebastian Warbler is there, too. It's drag queen night. Kurt & Blaine get in w/ fake IDs. Blaine gets drunk, tries to "get with" Kurt in the car, Kurt doesn't want to do it, and so Blaine leaves. I don't have additional details about Karofsky, other than that he is present. Sorry, Karofsky fans. :(

Blaine is going to sing "Uptown Girl" at Dalton w/ the Warblers when he visits to invite them to attend McKinley's West Side Story.

I also learned that Brittany IS still running for class president; there was no reference made to that in 3x04 that I caught; sorry to confuse by stating that she wasn't running! She still is, against Kurt and Rachel.

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